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The TV episode on me and Purpose Performance Wear on Suria Channel

It’s easy to stand in the crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone.

Mahatma Gandhi

In some uncanny ways, the above quote rings true not only for myself, but also for Rosli Razak, a reporter and presenter with Mediacorp’s Malay Suria Channel.

Rosli read and followed my journey in Purpose in late 2018. Last year. He was intriqued enough and felt that my journey was worthy of being highlighted on TV. From that time, it took him nearly 8 months of trying to convince his peers, colleagues, supervisors and bosses of it’s value.

In July, we communicated again after our first chat in December of last year. After many tries, they finally agreed that this should be a feature on Berita’s documentary series on personalities that chose to follow their own purpose – Suara Naluri. Literal translation; Voice of the Heart.

Hence on, it was full gas for both of us. Him more than me, if one were to judge by the well-produced episode that finally aired. I’m still thankful for this. Watch the 24-minutes episode below and you’ll agree.

Like him, it’s not been an easy jour for me either. But I’ll keep it to another post. I believe that this post should specifically be about Rosli Razak (reporter/producer), Alwiyah (presenter), as well as the crews and management of Mediacorp Berita Channel for seeing, and agreeing, with mine and the story of Purpose Performance Wear.

Please watch the episode. Thank you.

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