Noor Aziz


Taking product development very seriously

We take our product development seriously. Here you see new performance prototypes being tested by Singapore’s national triathletes.

Two years after releasing the ITU-approved kits, we are releasing two new performance-oriented variants this season. So apart from the standard ITU (now called World Triathlon – WT) standard kits, we will also have one built with HYPERMESH™ PRO and another with Hydrophobic qualities.

Why? Because one for general all-purpose, another more suited for duathlon and the third, with swimming speedsuit like capabilities for speed in the water.

So in all, three performance variants for different types of high-performance WT sanctioned athletes. I don’t know of any Southeast Asia, maybe even worldwide, brands that’s doing this. Taking this variants approached to their kits. Of all WT kits I know, there’s a choice of one – the standard one.

It’s a different approach, and one that came out of necessity. We’re from Southeast Asia, with a different monster of a weather to contend with. Hence a need to have kits that are more weather specific, able to help reverse the compound impact that heat and humidity does.

All in the process of making the most functional, most comfortable racing suits one will ever wear.

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