Noor Aziz


Grooming the cream of the crop into podium-worthy triathletes

So what have we been up to?

For those in the scene, you may have noticed a particular range of tri suit and cycling kits, released at the beginning of the year.

That range, the Purpose SFuels Endure IQ series are our best selling kits since they launched. And has been seen in many international races recently. Today, I officially announce this partnership.

The Ambassador Racing Team is a US-based athlete-ambassador program that takes applications from and award the cream of the crop with a range of endurance training programs, adding on strategies for optimal fueling through LCHF products, and lastly wearing one of the best performing racing kits, to groom sub-elites athletes and turn them into podium-winning ones.

I feel so honoured that Purpose is considered to be a worthy partner in this endeavor.

This program will also take us into the US and other more notable markets where triathlon and cycling is considered and elite sport. This is just the first part of a three part global program we are going to be involved in this year.

I’m ecstatic to finally be able announce this.

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