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Risk and Reward as a Founder

Posted this on my LinkedIn and Facebook last week, and I thought I’d share it here too. While I know that although my LI and FB network are two separate groups, I realised that many of my connections there share the same interests. Happy to engage in a conversation about this if asked.

I’m 50, and Purpose is my first startup. I founded Purpose three and a half years ago with a vision to make it the world’s first multi-sports and activewear brand from Southeast Asia.

Prior to this, I have held senior and leadership roles in brand, creative, user experience, even marketing. My most recent being in PayPal which I did side by side when Purpose was starting. I put all my money and effort into Purpose, obliterating my savings and at one point deeply leveraged in debt.

So yes the risk is real. It’s hard leaving behind cushy salaries for something highly risky.

What I can count on, however, are my experiences. I am able to combine four demanding and extremely important aspects of all startups. Four that are also the highest cost factor – product design, branding, advertising design and marketing.

Thus I am able to bring the cost down, mitigating risks of high burn rate which eats into all startups. I know my own talent which no one can do better. I brought it to the table. I know the risk of starting a startup, but I’m glad I have the skills and experience to make it work.

Nonetheless, the pain of the startup journey is real. I know.

To all founders reading this, keep hustling. I’m available to help if you need any. DM me or post in the comments.

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