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(Not) The Annual Purpose Langkawi Report 2020

It’s damn hard! These are the three words that encapsulate the year that was for me, and Purpose. However, to be clear, 2020 was not a negative year. On the contrary, Purpose grew, and so did I. Also in the context of all things that happened, we had it pretty easy than countless others.

I’m glad Purpose did better than we did last year. The team did a superb job. In a year of many roadblocks, we still proceed on with many milestones and achievements. The 2020 Purpose Year in Review is on The PURPOSE Magazine if you’re keen to see the list.

2020 Purpose Year in Review

Annually I would be writing this Annual Purpose Langkawi Report right after the Ironman Malaysia which takes place in November (or October depending on the season). Today’s report would have been the 4th one, which would mean that we would be reaching our fourth year in operations. This report would have covered preparations leading up to the yearly marquee Purpose Fellowship event, the annual Purpose Breakfast Run, the people that makes it, my training and readiness taking part in the race and all the other small activities before, during and after the race expo.

But not this year. This year was different. Without Langkawi – without any races at all, we found ourselves filling the void with other things.

So what have we done in 2020? What did we achieve that filled our journals? Two new world records, an extension of the product lines into world-class quality running attires, sponsorship of a global ambassador racing team, further development in ITU-approved tri suits for the Southeast Asia weather, expanded into India, started making entries into the Indonesia, Vietnam, UK and US, signed a world-record holder as an ambassador, and launched ground-breaking high-quality technical cycling and triathlon kits, to list down only a few. Go to The PURPOSE Magazine to read them all.

Yet, even so, I feel that Purpose has barely scratched at its potential. What these accomplishments instead uncovered is that Purpose and my team are capable of so much more.

What if, 2020 was not what it was? What if I can have the funds to invest in exploring fabric tech and construction? What if I can hire more talents to scale across multiple markets quickly? What if we can deepen and widen our product lines to cover true multi-sports, for athletes that do multi-sports? What if we can do more – be better, at acquiring people to believe in Purpose? These are what’s on my mind as I close the last day on the fourth chapter of this (Not) The Annual Purpose Langkawi Report.

For all the triumphs Purpose, the team and I had in 2020 I am writing what’s on the list tomorrow when 2021 begins. Exciting ideas, thrilling ones. Things that will force us all to learn new things, new crafts, new skills.

So that’s why it’s hard.

What I’ve learnt in 2020 is; some choices we make never stop testing us. Roadblocks appear not because they are to stop us but rather they are there to make us think of new ways around a problem. When we can do that, we grow.

These are exciting times ahead. Thank you for reading.

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