Noor Aziz


Never settle for no

For a hundred things asked, the likelihood of there being a yes, is zero. For a thousand, maybe one. In marketing, it’s about building as many leads at the top of the funnel. In retail, it’s creating footfalls.

The same it is with every venture we do. The reality is, whether you’re going for an interview, business pitches, dating, sales prospecting, or anything else; you’re more than likely to get a no in your first few tries. To most people, no in a lot more tries.

But that’s no reason to give up. The bigger reason here, is to learn and adapt. When you put in new approaches, not only are you growing from the experience, you’re also taking layers away until the breakthrough comes.

Never settle for no.

Things don’t get easier and we become more experienced. We just need to learn, adapt, and grow.

That’s life.

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