Noor Aziz


Don’t Just Think of Ideas, Act on Them

Don’t just think of ideas, act on them. This too started as a test project.

Three months ago, I decided to stop using a disposable mask and switch to reusable ones. But I find those that are available, not suitable. I wanted a simple sleeker style, seamless with no sewing at the front of the face, and importantly, a mask that flatters the face of the wearer. A bonus if it can be used for training as well.

One thing led to another and the Purpose Technical Mask was born. Apart from the main mask itself which had to be machine moulded, the rest are constructed by hand. Finally assembled by hand in Singapore.

Less than 100 were made, so let’s consider this a limited edition product? And if this idea doesn’t work well enough to take to scale, the team and I would’ve learnt a lot from it.

It’s still a win, regardless.

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