Noor Aziz

“My business idea is a website that…”

This is often said and heard but a website alone is not merely an idea or a business model; rather, it serves as a powerful tool to bring your idea to life and engage with your target audience. However, it is essential to distil the core value of your idea and articulate how it benefits the people you aim to serve. By doing so, you can effectively communicate what your website does and how it positively impacts its users.

A website, much like a mobile app or other touchpoints, plays a pivotal role in delivering the value proposition of your idea. It serves as a gateway through which your idea is presented, interactions occur, and services or products are provided. Nevertheless, the true essence lies in understanding the unique value your idea offers and how it addresses the needs and desires of your intended audience.

Therefore, rather than solely focusing on the website itself, shift your attention to the value it brings. Define and communicate the purpose and functionality of your website, highlighting its specific benefits for your target users. Concentrate on how it enriches their lives, solves their problems, or fulfils their desires.

By emphasizing the tangible value your website delivers, you can effectively convey the significance of your idea and how it positively impacts the lives of the people you seek to serve. This approach ensures that your website becomes a powerful tool for showcasing and actualizing your idea, enhancing user engagement, and creating a meaningful connection with your audience.